About Us

This website is a fundraising site for the Gold Star Wives of America.   The Gold Star Wives of America is a Congressionally Chartered non-profit service organization that provides assistance and friendship to those who have lost their spouse to a military-related cause of death. A portion of all sales on this website are provided to the Gold Star Wives of America. 

ServiceFlags.com, Inc. is the order fulfillment company for this website.  Your credit card will reflect a charge from ServiceFlags.com.  ServiceFlags.com has been in business since 2001 and is located in Carson City, NV.  ServiceFlags.com was the first company authorized from the Department of Defense to manufacture and sell the U. S. Service Flag when the war on terrorism began. We make the Service Flag and all our custom products in our facility in Carson City.

Thanks again for your interest in our products, God bless and stay safe.